Triffid Grove: The Question

So, in my actual world I have a Triffid Grove near a farm that is the target point for some NPC missions…

Queens everywhere. TORCH THEM!!! But now I’ve found that the access point of the Grove was on the trials of the queens… So, now it is only a burned rectangle of ash, dirt, woods and mounds. The underground entrance WAS there, but fire, queens actions and “Triffid mess” in general vanish it (I’ve cleanead the area, searching for it also under ash, woods and mounds of dirt… :stuck_out_tongue: ).

QUESTION: Can I dig/mine underground to reach the Triffid Heart or it is forever lost in the limbo of “not connected Z levels”? (I’m playng without experimental Z levels activated…).

In the construction menu you can dig a hole down/staircase down if you need to. I think it requires 6 construction? It is easy to find if you look in the dig/mine tab in the construction menu.

If you did down in the exact spot the entrance was, then yeah, it should either drop you to the same place or one or two tiles from it. Entrance to the grove is a 2x2 downward slow, yes? I assume that the stairs leading up from the bottom is a single tile.

Yeah, digging down on the spot should work.

I’ve made a quick try to see if a “hand-made custom entrace” do the trick and in fact it work. Going down this way generate the underground level correctly (with the only “issue” of a “double teleporting exit”, 'cause the default one is spawned too and so you have two stairs in different zones that bring you to the same spot, outside… :stuck_out_tongue: ).

Well, it work. :wink: