You can't dig down a z-level, can you?

One of the shelters in my current world is close to a subway line, so I made a quick connecting tunnel with a jackhammer. There is a subway station close to the garage I use, so it’s all cool, but it got me thinking about other possible applications.

Is that true that in any case I’ll have to use only existing up/down stairs?

No, not unless you use the map editor or something.

Not at the moment, though.

There’s a pickaxe item in the code, but it doesn’t spawn anywhere, and if you debug give it to yourself it just tells you that it’s not implemented when you try to use it.

Being able to dig your own stairs would be a very nice construction option to have.

I second that.

Just one functional pickaxe, and I’ll build a fortress to rival the Dwarven Halls of Armok!

Once we get better z-levels this will almost certainly go in, but until that time we don’t really want to waste time expanding a system which will basically be totally rewritten once Galen gets around to it.

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