How far down can you go?

I’m mining for rock (lol) and I just wondered how far down you can go. No spoilers, but is there anything interesting far below like Minecraft’s lava or dwarf fortresses’ Hidden Fun Stuff?

What is this Hidden fun stuff I think you mean the circus

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The deepest you can dig is down to z-level -10. There isn’t anything interesting deep down there for you to dig up that couldn’t be reached by other means.
The only unique thing you might find is a Hellmouth, but that is just a relic from the past that serves no purpose.

Shh Now everyone will know about the clowns.

Someone pitched zombie clowns a while back. Alas, we don’t have them.

=\ I wouldn’t hate an Amusement park being added to Cataclysm. In Left 4 Dead 2 when you melee’d clowns they’d squeak.

Level -10 i believe.

Now that I think about it, the vast majority of me playing CDDA is above ground. Rarely do I go full trog and even then I try to do most of my stuff above ground, at night of course. The problem is that there’s not a whole lot of excitement underground apart from basements and labs.

There aren’t a whole lot of caves, there isn’t a natural tunnels system that I know of apart from the generated subways and sewers and ant nests, naked mole rats just dig out caverns for no reason due to how simple their AI is, and without the mining mod there’s barely any reason for you to be digging around.

I know that realism is an element to the game’s development, but I wonder if cavepeople villages could be added underground, perhaps a line of humans that evolved underground and are partly down the trog mutation line without mutagens. Or just cave systems in general with points of interests of their own like random abandoned mine shafts, ore veins, ancient ruins with stone-age items, or even artifact temples that you can’t reach from an above ground stairway.

that sounds like a lot of “FUN” I want to randomly generate the clowns to

How about we construct a mod, adding Dwarf Fortresses “circus”… I’m sure it would be very !!FUN!! for your character. The same message would be displayed and everything… (You hear maniacal laughing)

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