Trauma Assessment CBM

Simply put, how about a medical utility CBM that recreates the effects of the Self-Aware mutation? Found on zombie scientists/shockers, maybe occasionally augmented military/first responders.

Not sure if redundant game-wise, but really practical from a real-world angle. I kinda like it.

Bonus points if it spits out half-life HEV suit style messages every now and then.

“Major Fracture Detected. User death imminent!” - Love it.

Yeah, definitely agreed that it would be more of a world building thing than something that’s hugely necessary, but with a fairly low install requirement I reckon it’d be one of those “May as well” CBMs, a bit like the internal chronometer.

I think this is worthwhile- it makes sense that the military would have something like this.

I think I remember Kevin mentioning how he’d like to eventually do away with the whole hit point system and just have various cuts, bleeds and breaks get applied to the player. This sounds like it would be really helpful should we ever get to that point.

Should maybe give a small bonus to applying first aid to yourself? Because you have extra information about what’s wrong.

Yeah, that makes sense.

I love this idea.

Getting rid of the hp system is I think far, far away.

this could actually tie in well with other, more medically focused cbms, which should really be more common than combat-oriented ones. (EMP pulse would be gov’t forces, illegal otherwise)

[quote=“Zireael, post:9, topic:9599”]I love this idea.

Getting rid of the hp system is I think far, far away.[/quote]
Yeah, most likely what we’ll end up with first is a system where you still have HP, but various wounds/etc. can affect the way you interact with the world. And only after we’ve got that down pretty well will we take a look at starting to remove some aspects of HP. (Though as usual it’s totally at the whims of the working developers, it could go in in the next couple of days, or it could happen years from now, who knows which. :P)

the new issue vote system may be relevant to that whole timeline thing
check out the post

I would like it more if it WAS an actual HEV suit!