The injury kafuffle

Been playing CDDA for a while now and i gotta say. The hp system doesnt make a lick of sense as it is now.

What i mean by this is that, a character could get shot. By a rifle round, and only have some bleeding. This is non-sensical for a multitude of reasons. Or you could get punched by a zombie-hulk. (Which is described as having arms, as wide as trashcans.) And it wouldn’t even fracture a single bone in your body. Unless you’re already some kind of superhuman mutant by this point. That seems unbelievable.

I personally think, that the game should have some kind of injury system. For instance if you get shot you may have internal bleeding. Or perhaps you fall off a roof and fracture, or break your leg. Hell this could even be a system used. For the possibility of bionic limbs.

I’m not sure if this has already been talked about. But i would like to see this in-game.

Please let me know, if this is already in the works. Or has been talked about before.

Yes, HP is just the worst. The good news is that a wound system is on the menu for the next dev cycle (hopefully, but you know how that goes).

Yeah, i actually didnt know about it being. Up for the next dev cycle. Hopefully, it turns out good.

Does make me wonder how we will rebalance such things with regards to toughness. Do we start tracking things such as bone density and muscle mass. Do you suddenly become a lot tankier just by being taller/heavier. How would this work with traits and mutations (a huge and/or utra tough mutant shoud be able to take a rifle bullet to a non-vital area and keep going). Will armour not just outright negate damage but turn it into other types of damage (a kevlar vest might stop a rifle bullet but it will still lead to extensive bruising).

i know for one i cant wait to be lightly scratched by something with no medical supplies only to have it become infected and have to be amputated, instead of heal over the course of a couple hours.


currently its just a stand in because having advanced wound systems like ARMA or zomboid takes alot of programming. Think of it as kind of like the amount of flesh left on your body
and it has been implied that people have slightly mutated because of the goo with some NPC conversations on how wounds close so quickly

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