Translations not working in release

Last week, i couldn’t test translations and i though that was a puntual problem. Today neither. Only appears english and i couldn’t change it. Maybe is a bug or maybe is some changes or maybe is the version that i download. I am not sure.

Can somebody check if it is a problem mine or a common in the new releases?.

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(Justo estaba creando un post sobre lo mismo… lo escribo acá)

In the last experimental (2021-08-31-0920) and also in the previous one I try (2021-08-30-2011) there’s only 2 options in language selection, English and System Language.
In my case, my system it’s in Spanish (Spain) but I use Spanish (Argentina) translation.
Did someone remove the option to select any language? Or it’s just a bug?

There is already a PR fixing this problem.