Translated Japanese Mod: Gatcha Portals

This is a translation of a mod I found on a japanese mod database. Thought it was interesting enough to translate. As the name suggests it’s based around gatcha, which is like a lottery for prizes.

TL;DR Overview: Effectively creates a lottery where you can earn random items and allied monsters. Very rarely you can even get permanent allied monsters, which if killed, simply return to the prize ticket so they can be summoned again.

Detailed Overview of Features:

  • Gatcha Tickets can be used to summon a random number of chests. These chests in turn can be (s)mashed to open. Note that chests appear in a roughly 7x7 space centered around the user, so if you don’t want to risk the chest landing somewhere inaccessible or being blocked from spawning, make sure you use tickets in an open space.
  • Prize Chests come in four types with varying appearance rates: Bronze (~82%), silver (~15%), gold (3%), and Rainbow (<1%). Chests may contain either items or monster cards.
  • Monster Cards are items activated to summon a monster. Bronze and Silver cards are single-use cards for summoning vanilla CDDA creatures. Gold and Rainbow cards summon mod-unique creatures which, if killed, simply return to the card and can be summoned again.
  • 4D Card Holder is a totally-not-pokeball. Lets you return summoned monsters back into cards. Occasionally found in bronze chests.
  • Dimensional Powder Collector is an amulet you can craft, which when worn will automatically produce enough dimensional dust (material for crafting gatcha tickets) for about 2.5 tickets per day. Additionally, you can very rarely find tickets dropped by zombies. Details on ways to obtain more dust are in the Gameplay Guide text included.
  • Lucky Bags are a reference to new-years gift bags. They can be rarely found inside bedrooms, and yield a small but useful item as a reward (a can of food, a magazine of ammo, etc). To open them you must (a)ctivate them to deploy them (like you would a rollmat), then (s)mash them open.
  • Machine Invaders is something bundled with the mod. You will rarely find a crashed giant metal saucer on the world map, beside which is a small concrete box plastered with warning signs. If you smash open the box and step inside, the saucer will activate, opening up to reveal 4-6 dimensional portals which spawn endless numbers of robot girl enemies (which are very powerful, surpassing even tank drones from old versions of the game). I honestly recommend never doing this, because you need like an army or multiple tanks to take this thing down before it floods the map with hunter-killing bots. But on the off-chance you do beat it, you will find half of a machine. Collect two halves, put them together, and you unlock machine invader gatcha tickets. I haven’t done this, but I can only assume it lets you summon allied machine invaders.

It goes without saying the ability to summon allied monsters might be poorly balanced, never mind the Machine Invaders bit. But the idea itself is nonetheless interesting enough to at least try out for curiosity’s sake.


Neat concept. I might give it a whirl sometime.