Transifex translation at "master-cataclysm-dda" when merged with current experimental?

Hi there. I’ve started to work on the translation in german an Transifex.

My question is, at which point or when the strings, that are newly translated, are merged into the experimental? Must the new strings be reviewed by someone?
I searched for infos, but i could not find anything.

Can someone exlplain that to me?

Routinely once per week thanks to BrettDong.
Edit: as for the second question, no, they don’t have to be reviewed; revisions are Transifex’es way to keep quality of translations aspecialy useful when you have larger group of translators at the job.


Ok thanks.
Another question, is there any way to download the translation before merged to test it for myself and look if the translation is ok?

Yes, there is. You can download the .po file and then use a software like “Poedit” to compile it as .mo.
You can use that .mo file to replace the one in “lang” directory.


Thank you very much!