Transfer a character and Vehicle without Transfer tool?

Is there any way to do this? I’ve had absolutely no luck trying to solve my issues with the transfer tool, and I’ve been hoping using another method would allow me to successfully transfer Noble Culver (and his Deathmobile) over.

If you copy the character save and the map tile that your character/deathmobile is on, you should be good.

Okay, you’ll need to explain that more in depth, because when I transferred the save file I just ended up getting a whole bunch of errors. Could you explain the processing of transferring the save file from one world to another so I know I’m doing it right?

Not certain if this will help or not, was mostly done while I was half asleep over several days, but someone else has successfully transferred their character and deathmobile to another world by following it.

Character Transfer Guide

If your new world does not have characters yet, make a new character in that world, save, and quit.

Make sure your vehicle is all on one overmap tile by walking around it and seeing if your world location changes. Use a program that can search inside files (I’ve used FileSeek), and search your save folder for your vehicle name. Copy the file and directory structure that the vehicle name was in, #yournameinbase64.sav, #yournameinbase64.log, #yournameinbase64.apu.txt. If you have artifacts, artifact.gsav too.

If you’re loading a save into a world that’s missing mods that your old game had, you’ll probably get a bunch of errors. Also you’ll get a bunch of errors if you have uncompleted NPC missions. You can probably just mash “ignore” through them.

This seems simple enough. 2 things.

1: Do you have a recommended program I can use to read the files (preferably with a link)?

2: Should I transfer the vehicle and character at the same time, or can I go in with the character, find a place to transfer the vehicle, and then do that?

So, if I transfer the whole tile with my house, myself and my ride, I’ll get all the loot to the new world, too?

Everything on the tile will transfer, yes.

No, if you want a special place, you’ll have to use the transfer tool or the vehicle transfer method on the wiki.

Files downloaded from the internet may be harmful to your computer, yourself, your loved ones, baby dolphins, and the world as we know it.

Alternately, you could try deleting your maps folder while you’re in-game (make a backup) and then saving, and copying the new maps folder over to the new world, which should record only the overmap squares in your reality bubble. Probably. I don’t actually have any idea, but that sounds like a thing that should work.

Figured it out. Thanks everyone!