Character/vehicle export utility?

I thought once upon a time there was a way to export your character and vehicle between worlds. Does such a thing exist?

I used it just a few days ago to transfer a character from a mostly unmodded world to a heavily modded world. No muss. Character transport still works just fine. I haven’t messed with vehicle exporting but I imagine it will work just fine too.


Since the old website may go down at the end of the month, here’s the discourse link for the link above: Releasing my Cataclysm Character + Vehicle Transfer Utility


I’ve had issues transporting vehicles between worlds. Transfer tool just crashes whenever I try.

@psyxypher I’ve contacted jrw-git here: Could you give more details about the crash?

I’m not sure what more details I can give other than this, and I’m not sure this will be helpful; but here goes:

Essentially, when trying to export a vehicle, upon selecting a world to export the vehicle from, it’ll usually not register any unique vehicles in that world. Other times, when it does, it’ll crash upon selecting a specific vehicle, usually running a lot of code before crashing.

Ok. I’ve relayed that to jrw-git.

Hi everyone, I’m the author of the cataclysm utility. I haven’t touched it in quite some time, but I fired it up with CDDA version 6950 and it worked ‘okay’. It crashed trying to save a vehicle once, but I didn’t catch any errors. Subsequently it worked for transferring characters and I did transfer a complex RV successfully, with only a minor positioning error when loaded.

I’ll take a further look at it in the next few days, using the most recent version of CDDA.

Glad to see there’s still some interest!


I generally just copy the .sav file and the map tile my character is on with my vehicle to the new world’s save directory.

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Copying the .sav file seems straightforward enough, but how does step 2 work?

Has there been an updated release for the Transfer Utility?