Trans logistics needs more work

I’m trying to do the translogistics course challange for an hour now but I think this scenario needs alot of work before it can be considered “possible” or “complete”.
For starters everytime I spawn in the game I spawn in a wall between a storage closet and airvent, and the “correct” way to go I have to smash down a shelf, but if you go to the left you’ll be trapped in the air vents forever because you need a saw for the metal grates.
Second off unless you start the game with 4 electronics and 1 computers, you’ll be stuck there forever if you can’t find any saw tools randomly generated or a lanyard in one of the desks.
I think as a starting map you should have at least one way of escaping that doesn’t rely on RNG, otherwise you’ll spend too long messing around before you realize you’re soft locked.
Lastly I have noticed a few passageways and doors blocked off by furniture you can’t see through and I can’t tell if that’s intentional or not, like it was in the shady basement slocs.
Unless there’s some way to build a jackhammer out of spare parts I don’t think this should be in the baseline game yet.

There’s a feedback thread here.