Rat serum without syringe in unwinnable trans-coast logistic start

As a human, I have nowhere to go. There are 2 rat serums near the start. If I become a rat, can I move through metal bars? I hate to be a rat or any kind of mutant. But Even if I want to be a rat, I can’t use the serums because I don’t have a syringe.

That’s normal.

Serums don’t have to necessarily spawn with Syringes nearby, that’s RNG for you.

I can’t open the metal door at top right. The start is unwinnable.

You probably spawned on an illegal spawn (sometimes when I start that scenario I spawn inside a wall and if you move the wrong way, you end up on the side hallways and essentially softlocked.). That’s something that might need to be addressed.

Whenever I got a “normal”/“legal”/Correct spawn, the challenge to leave the building is indeed quite hard, but it isn’t impossible, seeing you are given a huge variety of tools to deal with the different roadblocks the facility puts on your way.

Fighting, however, is very much discouraged.

This is not that “usual” start. I started at a concrete wall at left and saw those 2 extra impassable tiles at left. I could not go left and had to go right.

The top right door is locked and I don’t have any wire/fork/hairpin to make 1 rudimentary lockpick.

Here are all the items that I can get.

I cut one blanket to get those patchwork clothing parts for making rags and makeshift bandage.

Killing the 2 zombies technicians don’t give me any tools. Even if they drop any tool, I can’t pull the tool through the metal bars.

Save uploaded to mediafire

I reset the world and start a new game with the trans-coast logistics scenario. I was spawned within solid rocks. This is unwinnable on another level. :slight_smile:

If you read what I said, and as I suspected, you got illegal spawn locations, which seems to be a trend with all the scenarios except the default Evac Shelter start.
You can fix that using debug mode and TPing just a little bit into the room you are meant to start in.

Techs occasionally drop tools, but the starting locations (the legal ones) often have stuff like Welders, Soldering Irons, Hacksaws etc. Knowing what to do with them goes a long way to getting out of that building quickly.

Personally I’d not encourage playing this scenario until the spawn locations issues are properly addressed, furthermore considering the fact that the facility has so much trash and so many mobs inside it that doing anything takes a stupid amount of time.

If you are fairly certain that the level is unwinnable due to a bug - like the wall spawn - then just debug-menu teleport yourself to a legal tile. I had to do it in my current game’s start, and it’s not a big issue. Just remember to reenable achievements after you finish getting to a legal spot.

just a question, im on 0.F.3 and i dont see any option for trans-coast logistic start, is it the island prison challenge?

also if u still need answer, just find wires and make makeshift lockpick

It’s an Experimental-only feature until the next Stable release is out.
And making an improvised lockpick with no ingredients is impossible - the place they were locked in is not accessible normally, it was a spawn error.