I was wondering if it could be possible to manufacture knockout gas/tranquilizing darts from mutated poppies. A sleeping/tranquilizer enemy could be treated like a corpse and could be picked up, tossed in carts and moved around, before waking up later. Currently the only use I can think of is for collecting guard dogs for your base, but later on if cows and chickens are developed more, catching animals for farming could be more profitable. Alternatively, venturing into the netherworld and capturing monsters for lab science, if that’s developed. Obviously it wouldn’t work on zombies, though, Is it feasible?

Would be good simply as a form a weapon actually. Like darts dipped in curare… shoot the enemy with your blowgun and knock them out. Then you walk over to them and finish them off before they wake up.

first thing i think of is hitting someone with it then walking up and viciously (B)utchering them while their unconscious…

You skin “insert NPC name here” alive!

I just got some morbid thoughts, what if the character has the “Cannibal” trait? Could result in a pretty gruesome scene and a morale boost for said character.

[size=6pt]P.S. And a full stomach[/size]

Very feasable with monsters, since when they “wake up” we’d just spawn a new monster.
Probably disallow NPCs because they have a significant amount of state to store/load, and also… creepy.