Restraint (and the use of!)

Lasso, tranquilizer, tazer, cages, (enclosed) pit traps, handcuffs, fences/pens, chain/manacle bolted to wall or floor, “live trap” (for non-lethally capturing small game), surgical anesthesia…

(Eventually!) Leads to: “zoos”, capturing/caging/taming “exotic” pets, remotely opening cages to release foes on your… foes…, ability to render a heavily injured NPC unconscious (for surgery, hopefully!), sedate farm animals for transport, ability to 'G’rab unconscious entities and drag them, potential “law enforcement” techniques for when NPCs/factions are more fleshed out…

That’s all I’ve got :slight_smile: The recent thread from the guy wanting to tranq angry moose got me thinking about general non-lethal approaches, and their applications… I’ve got no real coding knowledge, and haven’t messed with the potential in-game “paralyzers” (tazer, bear trap, concussion grenades…) or experienced being stunned in-game…

Then there’s the OP-ness issue… Why battle it out with the local bandit faction leader when you can just hit him with a tranquilizer dart from long range, slip handcuffs on him while he’s out (and take all his gear, besides), and then laugh at his helplessness when he wakes up :wink:

There are some in-game features that could be used, though, for balance… For cages, high strength would allow you to bend (or at least damage) the bars or door, plus lockpicking attempts… Dexterity, intelligence, dodging, and survival could be used to determine escape attempts from handcuffs or rope/tape (high strength would help here too)… Low-grade CBMs could be made for resisting stuns (and given to “important” NPCs)…

I’m also guessing animals would need parameters to cover fences and pens to determine their fence-breaking power and jumping ability… After that we’d need some kind of taller alternate fencing for enclosing animals that can jump average fences… “Chicken wire” or chain-link fence for smaller animals… For flavor it’d be nice if large animals (bear, moose) had varied thresholds to anesthetics (especially low-quality home-made drugs), where some animals of the same species may only need a single dart, another may need two… Couple that with the potential of the animal “going down”, appearing to be fully sedated, only to wake up shortly after (angry, but stumbling…)… That would add a nice element of risk to it, though I’m not sure how realistic it is (besides that drugs effect people differently all the time) :wink:

Most non-natural creatures would be resistant to regular tranquilizer darts, I’d imagine… You could even add in some terrible reactions where certain creatures go berserk (or somehow benefit) from it :smiley: ‘You shoot the skeleton. The skeleton just doesn’t care anymore. The skeleton is depressed!’ Well, that’s when you accidentally shoot the depressant dart, instead of the sedative dart :wink:

Actually, Dwarf Fortressy as it is, I’d love to be able to load any liquid into a dart or syringe and juice random stuff with it… even food! ‘You inject the syringe of liquid nitrogen into James Peterson. James Peterson shivers!’ :wink: ‘You inject the syringe of sewage water into the MRE - Chili (1). You give James Peterson a MRE - Chili (1).’ On closer inspection, maybe I only want that feature to torture NPCs with…

Anyway, I’m rambling terribly, making very little sense, and getting a little insane, so I’ll wrap it up :wink: Opinions on caging/restraining/“taking 'em alive!”, for present and future DDA?? For starters I’d really like to see functional cages… I’d figure out creative ways to lure creatures into them :>


You could go any number of ways with a system like this. Personally I love the idea of being able to ‘experiment’ on creatures -cut them open or otherwise inspect a living subject and be able to learn a select amount of things from it that, while powerful, are hard to get otherwise. You’d also have expiration of subjects before the process is complete, so you’d have to go out and find more in the field via whatever means you see fit. This could be something that is related to mutations somehow, or the refinement thereof; or, help you learn more about the blobs or specific creatures from the netherrealm. Surely being able to blind and chain down a giant flaming eyeball would provide opportunity for SOME kind of learning, or maybe help descern the level of intelligence in mi-go’s, or pick out their speech patterns…something like that. Something that would have an actual tangible benefit in game that would be worth the risk that goes with chaining down a mi-go or a zombie bear or something.

…or dinosaurs.

There is also the whole ‘farming’ and ‘ranching’ thing that would be amazing to reap benefits from. God that’d be nice. Just have a big deer pen or something. Moose pen? Horses? Something like that. Plus whatever else that particular species gives as a boon for having them around.

Animal breeding would be awesome

Doing autopsies while the subject is still “alive” to me feels a bit uncomfortable and going perhaps a bit too far in realism.

Well think about what you’re dissecting here. What are you going to get out of a regular animal? Beyond confirming that there’s a blob in them.

Alternatively, cut open a living zombie and think about what kinds of things you could learn. Or the Nether fauna. How about the triffid minions and fungaloids? There’s a lot to gather from the alien creatures.

The trouble is finding something that you could actually get out of this. I’m thinking recipes like the pheremone ball, but perhaps certain functions, like having fungaloids react uniquely if you do something specific that you learned from studying one.

It’s less about dissecting and more about studying. We already cram tons of information about books and there’s a lot more stuff out there than books can tell us about, particularly now.