Tranquilizer Gun + New Med Idea

I have a new idea for a gun and a med.
New Med : Rozerem.
When consumed,
"You suddenly feel light-headed."
It greatly increases the chance of falling asleep, but you’ll stay asleep through nearly everything, even some injuries.
It can normally be found in households.
New Gun : Tranquilizer Gun
Found in Hospitals sometimes. (Any idea for a craft recipe?)
To make Tranquilizer needles for ammo:
Syringe1 + Rozerem1
Difficulty : 2
Time to Craft : 5 min.
When shot, the mob or NPC that is hit loses 20 speed per turn, until it hits 0. After that, they will stay still for 10 turns, before slowly regaining their speed at 20 per turn. Also, a grazing shot/miss won’t affect the mob, but will still do very small damage. Against Zombie Hulks, 3 shots are necessary to stop it.
What do you think about this idea?

I don’t think narcotics/sedatives work on Zombies. They’re pretty much just squishy meat suits for the blob, right?

Apparently, zombies don’t need sleep, but that doesn’t mean you can’t encourage them…hint, hint.

I want this simply so that I can fill a mobile meth lab with sleepy NPCs before ramming it into an office tower.

would be cool though to use it on widlife then drag em back to camp and place them in a breeding pen woot breeding live stock needs to be in this game :slight_smile: we have farming so should be :wink:

I would like one of those dart rifles zoo keepers sometimes have around for moving animals between cells.

Also take note that shooting people with tranquilizer guns will likely kill them from overdose

You’ve got it backwards. It would likely take a larger dose (more shots) of the same sedative to down a human target than it would most of our four-legged friends. We’re remarkably resistant to toxins.

Years of Doritos and Mountain Dew have made this wild Gtaguy very resistant to our tranquilizers. It took seven to get him down.

I’d love to see it in game. Might not work on Zeds, but on NPCs/wildlife… hell yeah.

This will probably go in fairly easily once we have true static wildlife instead of dynamically spawned ones.

At first when I read this I thought “eh…” but then I thought “oh wait, actually…” the idea of shooting NPCs with a tranq to stop them from bashing my fences or attacking my dogs is an attractive one. also, if we could drag them around once they were unconscious, filling a vehicle or small building with them and setting it alight is a disturbing yet attractive idea.

You evil evil little man.