Cannibal Buff?

My friend is telling me that after killing two NPCs he got a fairly massive -194 moral negative added on.

Now I thought that for "killing innocent " he simply ran over about an entire school of zombie kids, but that doesn’t explain -194 moral after waiting for 30 minutes. I don’t get these penalties, was something added in to give normal characters morale penalties for slaughtering helpless NPCs unless you have the cannibal trait?

if (your_fault && !g->u.has_trait(PF_CANNIBAL)) {
  if (is_friend())
   // Very long duration, about 7d, decay starts after 10h.
   g->u.add_morale(MORALE_KILLED_FRIEND, -500, 0, 10000, 600);
  else if (!is_enemy() || this->hit_by_player)
   // Very long duration, about 3.5d, decay starts after 5h.
   g->u.add_morale(MORALE_KILLED_INNOCENT, -100, 0, 5000, 300);

As you can see, killing an innocent does have a -100 morale penalty that apparently lasts ~3.5 days. He killed 2 and didn’t have the cannibal trait, so there you go.

cannibal is a useless trait. put this in suggestions. Have it significantly reduce the morale penatly for killing npcs and child zombies. When you riun into a school of kids it sucks. Its mobbed with zombies and your morale goes to hell.

it could also help a little with when you eat fetuses for mutations. the ability to eat people is pretty meaningless.

Reduce wild animal spawns to realistic ammounts and cannibalism will get huge buff.

Why is it that killing a few former humans that are trying to devour you just as depressing as cold-blooded murder? Somehow I don’t think that’s quite right, even if they were human kids at some point.

Yeah , i think in the apocalypos you wouldn’t regret killing that guy who was flashing his SKS in your face.
There either needs to be new positive trait that makes you NPC slayer with no regrets , or a negative trait that makes you sad panda after each kill.

If the positive trait would get added , the game assumes everyone has hard time pulling the trigger unless they are born with killer trait.
If the negative trait would get added , the game would assume everyone can kill strangers and not depress himself to death unless he has sad panda trait.

Just take the heartless trait- hey where did it go?

bceause only NPCs have the privileges to kill anyone who looks ugly to them and not give a fuck.

Guys, from my time using the Cannibal trait, it DOES completely negate the moral penalties for killing NPCs and Child Zombies. Like, that’s already a thing?

We’re not talking about the cannibal trait, we’re talking about mechanics without it.

Correct me if I’m wrong but Youtoo seemed to not understand that.