Trait Selection Bug

Using latest experimental (last commit be3f610177e4e62a6db6454b2269714aa056f8aa).

I noticed some odd behavior in the trait selection tab while creating a custom character. Specifically, if you select some negative traits, switch tabs, and switch back, the counter for negative traits will change, for example, from 3/12 to -3/12. You can then select up to 15 more points worth of negative traits. You can repeat this to select every single negative trait. Given that we can set our own limits anyway, it’s not a huge issue imo. I’m assuming there’s a stray sign error somewhere.

Grr, this is almost certainly my fault, there was a merge conflict in the trait selection screen, I thought I merged it right, but must have missed something. Thanks for reporting.

EDIT: Nope, not my fault! :smiley:
As you suspected it’s a sign error.