Conflicting mutations

you apparently can have slow feet and roadrunner at the same time
its a bit odd as one increases speed while the other reduces
build 6431

ver 0.C-22249

While perhaps a bug, considering the how the game will interpret this will be something of a “one cancels the other”. So if the bug doesn’t break anything it probably just cancels each other out or gives a tiny buff or debuff, depending on the exact hidden math of either.

Created a PR to address this -

You can also have ugly and pretty, and a whole lot of other conflicting mutations.

If you have both of those at the same time, it’s absolutely a bug. Ugly is in Pretty’s cancelling mutations, and vice versa:

    "type" : "mutation",
    "id" : "PRETTY",
    "name" : "Pretty",
    "points" : 1,
    "ugliness" : -2,
    "description" : "You are a sight to behold.  NPCs who care about such thing will react more kindly to you.",
    "starting_trait" : true,
    "cancels" : ["UGLY", "DEFORMED", "DEFORMED2", "DEFORMED3"],
    "changes_to" : ["BEAUTIFUL"]

Mutation system has some edge cases that aren’t handled properly when inherent traits (the starting ones) are involved.
Here’s one example:

This one looks a bit different, though.

So you are saying that the enabled start traits are not considered in regard to the cancel list? 0_o

If so. Core bug I assume?