Trait reversal

Okay, so i started a new char in a new world on the latest experimental and was sleeping off the first day of my hobo issues when suddenly “Your Truth Teller trait has turned into Skilled Liar.” Now being able to mitigate negative traits would be a cool thing but it just kinda changed on its own for no apparent reason and I am wondering if their is a bug creeping about or some change I missed?

Could be radioactivity & mutation, depending on where you slept.

I don’t think it is? My health is not dropping, I have experienced no other oddities, and I was under the impression that you couldn’t mutate that.

Er, yeah I guess it is radiation… I am shocked that it affects that trait.

Its a good idea to pick stuff like that that can be upgraded by mutations, seems to up your chances of a good outcome.
Its another reason to pick nightvision and another reason not to pick weak stomach.

I just didn’t expect something like that to be effected since it does not strike me as something “genetic”. I do have other mutation alterable flaws but its generally because I know how they turn out (smelly for example) and I’m not bothered by it.