Trailer park with no ... trailers?

Am I missing something? Wikipedia says "A trailer park or caravan park is a temporary or permanent area for mobile homes and travel trailers. Advantages include low cost compared to other housing, and quick and easy moving to a new area, for example when taking a job in a distant place while keeping the same home. ".

But I see no trailers, mobile homes or RVs. None at all.

The zombies drove away with them? Actually, I think you’re just supposed to imagine the buildings there have wheels and a tow bar.

I also wanted to extract minifridges from them. But I don’t suppose imaginary minifridges will help preserving my food.

Only if the food is also imaginary.

Well, that’s weird, because I can see 5 permanently installed tiny houses, probably formerly mobile homes.
You know, like the real location described in an article which looks pretty much like this one.
Maybe you’d prefer the term “Manufactured housing”, which are commonly called mobile homes?

Such a shame, since there are absolutely no other means to prevent your food from spoiling in the game…

Well, in my imagination, I get food to rot even if they are in an imaginary fridge :smile:

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Yes, I’d prefer that name. When I saw the word “trailer” on the overmap, I thought to find actual trailers there (or RVs, if the game does not support trailers, yet).

There are trailers in your screenshot.

Those are not trailers. I cannot tow them. They are made of “white wall” and not of vehicle frames.

Those are trailers (manufactured housing actually, but everyone calls them trailers anyway). Why would you expect them to be vehicles?

Because Trailer (vehicle) - Wikipedia

You have strange expectations then.

Yeah, this is the permanent home type trailer park where they are usually on cement supports. They could be moved but its pretty expensive.

There are RV type camping parks as well, you can find them around outside towns.

To be fair to ThinkSome, considering that towing is something in the game now, it is not totally unreasonable to assume that some type of “mobile home” type trailer could also exist for you to find. Something like these tow campers.

I don’t think he is being cheeky on purpose.

You and I know that it is called mobile because they can move the manufactured houses on a giant flat bed and install it. And it could theoretically be moved and installed again. As Turn478 says, what ThinkSome would like would be correctly found in the RV parks.

to add to all of this here: ‘trailers’ are often thought of as the mobile homes that you can pick up and tow, but they can also refer to mobile homes, what is literally a chunk of ‘house’ that can be loaded onto a flatbed and transferred over large distances… i used to live in a double-wide one, (literally two slapped together) they’re MUCH MUCH cheaper than standard housing, easier to put together, but generally dont last as long as a normal house does.

and yes, a gathering of such mobile homes is often still called a ‘trailer park’, as the homes are arranged in such a way that any one could be removed and replaced with another similar home.

you could always build a new map tile for trailer park generation that includes multiple parked RV’s and such.