Semit trucks and trailers

Can a trailer be linked to a semi truck?

Not yet.

Well you could spend a week in-game disassembling the trailer piece by piece and attaching it to the truck :P, but other then that no.

i dont think thats even possible iam2roy, due to the lenght limitation the vehicule UI gives you

Semi-trucks are still more than awesome though, if only for their sleeping cabin.

I found semi trucks were annoying mostly, such huge blind spots are meh to me, let alone with a trailer behind you… though it would be nice to have a mobile base, just fill the trailer with ammo and food.

The trailer or the semi are both awesome. The trailer you have to clear out enough around to take the time to turn it into a vehicle (aka install all the required systems). The semi makes a very nice starting base. Make sure the cab is sealed before you go to sleep though.