Permanent Base Locations

Hello! I’m looking for ideas for a place to settle down to a permanent base.

I’ve already had one in a Public Works, and I’m not looking to have one on a farm or cabin.

So any interesting or difficult ideas, let’s hear them!

I’ve settled down in a roadside gas station, it’s quite convenient being able to gas up my scooter before going out on a scouting mission. I’ve yet to go out for scrap metal too, whenever I need a piece of sheet metal or lump of steel I can just deconstruct one of the display racks or refrigerator.

What about an apartment tower surrounded by cities?

You don’t even need to clean it out entirely and can enjoy looking at that zombie prisoners.

[quote=“trusty_patches, post:4, topic:4133”]Prison.
You don’t even need to clean it out entirely and can enjoy looking at that zombie prisoners.

Wouldn’t the noise they cause interfere with sleep?

Man, I’ve been trying to find a prison haha.

An apartment tower almost sounds good. I had my eyes on a regional school, but figured the moral penalty wouldn’t be worth it lol.

If you’re worried about the morale hit, you can just lure them out into the open and then torch them all with a flamethrower or molotovs, or draw them into a chokepoint that you’ve prepared with spikepits or an inferno, or drive circles around the building in a semi truck and drive over all of them.

Be careful with using the big 3x3 map tile structures as bases, if you don’t like waking up in bed with a zombear. Dynamic spawns will spawn inside your fortifications as easily as outside of them; all it takes is being outside of your reality bubble.

As for me, I wouldn’t make anything a base unless it had a permanent water supply, which narrows it down to mansions, LMOEs, scratch-built bases or vehicular bases, and the rare existing building that happens to be both near water and away from town.

I really, really don’t like the “mobile base” vehicle play style. I’d rather crank up the city size and then go on scavenging trips in to cities. I don’t see the fun in having tons up construction options but then just deciding to move around pretty much untouchable in a vehicle.

But that’s just me.

I never build permanent bases.

I may keep a temporary one, but that’s mostly only until i can build a mobile base. Funnels get water easily and moving through towns allows me to harvest precious toilet juice. Provided I have good enough plating and weight, it’s reasonably easy to move a moderately big mobile base through a city.

By moderate, I mean not as big as RMCC.

I almost always use the evac shelter. The console provides light, funnels can provide water, turrets placed above ground can provide protection, while you can sleep below.

As far as interesting, sewage treatment plant could be a good one. Under and above ground entrances to your base if you learn the sewer layouts, access to mutagen materials, access to a console for light. Hotel basement provides water source. Mines are secluded, usually have an above ground dorm area, sometimes have gasoline pumps for your vehicles, and there is a console inside for light.

No base is really difficult if you clear the area first unless you want to make your base in a slime pit or something. I’ve always wanted to make a tent/rollmat on the go type survivalist character, but I always get into the trap of collecting everything I find.

I understand completely. I have this weird problem with not being able to leave ammo or weapons behind haha.

For an interesting base, try clearing out an anthill or a beehive and setting up a base there. You might not even have to clear them out completely, regular giant ants will ignore you and provide an endless source of free meat. Bonus points if you clear out a triffid grove.

I find that holding up inside a gun store works out nice, provided that it’s on the outskirts of the town (which is never is mostly, but happened to me). Them display racks make my sense of non clutter makes me feel good.

I recently tried living in a regional school and it’s a pretty good base. I went there straight from the evac with a pipe and cleared it out over two days. The morale hit was annoying at first but i just went without crafting and slept it off after I’d killed everything. There was a massive amount of perma-food in the cafeteria and plenty of bathrooms for water. With that taken care of i could just read all the books from the library for a week. Got bored of it after a while and I’ve moved into an RV.

Overall the school worked well for me as a remporary base. I didn’t have any problems with wild life, I was holed up in one of two classrooms without windows and everything spawn outside the building.

I live out of my hugeass vehicles. Makes looting easier, not to mention more amusing.

Mansions are fun, not very practical but fun.

I’m pretty new to the game, but I think your starting evac shelter makes a lot of sense. It has light for reading and sewing at night, a basement for perfectly safe slumber parties (will that change with Z-levels?) and is usually close enough to towns and roads for easy looting, but secluded enough for “me time”. Water is a non-issue with a few funnels in your backyard. Also, since you start there, a lot of your junk will already be there so you won’t have to move it.

I might want to move to a mansion sometime, but I can’t see how I’ll be able to wire the whole thing up.

Gas stations, you have fuel for a good amount of time, there’ll be some cars you can butcher infront. Has 2 entrances(ignoring the window), lots of racks you can store stuff on, some counters you can use as a corner to craft things. Lots of fridges you can break, keep some for storing food & drugs. Lots of space, a toilet, a room in the back where you can sleep. Consoles aren’t really needed since you can make lightstrips fairly easily, and they last nigh-forever.

Or a Prison, If you have a way to deal with the security bots. Has outdoor place indoors for funnels, lots of stored food, lots of space, books, guns and ammo of you’re lucky, riot armor. Zombies cant break closed bar doors, or iron bars (you would have to lockpick them again after closing them, but you live), letting you shoot stuff without risk. Much, much space.

RV works great.

Science labs are an interesting choice when beds spawn on ground-floor. The big plus are clearly the strong walls and the availability of LOTS of clean water. And you can forage the lab step-by-step by bringing your collections to the surface.
The downsides are that you would have to build some of the furniture, especially doors by yourselves and you better have some basic fighting skills. But overall, science labs worked pretty well for me.

Other bases I tried are:

[ul][]evac shelter