Add in Hollow Heels + Vehicle Trailers

Hollow Heel foot wear and Trailers!

So in short Crafting Hollow Heel footwear or prefabricated versions:
Rather self explanatory. But either convert pre-fab footwear into a hollow heel version or craft them.
Usage? Small volume item or more likely a storage spot for a small item of 1 volume. A good example. A bag of dry disinfectant. Perhaps some other useful small item you would use in a pinch. Some amount of some other medical damage heal agent.

Create a connection cord that can be installed on the back of a vehicle. Build a trailer or find a pre-fab one and create a “Tether” function similar to “Pry open” or “Start a small fire”(forgot that % name).

Then instead of creating a giant death mobile full of all your crap similar to a long bus. You could take a corner and have it behave like a normal trailer turn after you do like it is suppose to do.(2 wheel version also would not say Tires = Lack).


actualy we do not have trailers just because its hard thing to do, its miracle that we have working cars in roguelike

So we cannot get a “Tether” to have trailers? I do not code, just thinking it would a great idea.

Anyone like the Hollow heel idea? Cram a bag of Powder anti-septic in it. Or maybe a adrenaline pen. Small 1 volume stuff =D