Towns having names is friggin awesome!

Just thought it needed to be said.
flies off into the sunset

[quote=“SpadeDraco, post:1, topic:14196”]Just thought it needed to be said.
flies off into the sunset[/quote]
Is this a suggestion or a feature?

Its a recently merged feature, town names are now displayed in the overmap view. You can toggle them if they get in the way.

I was a bit leery about it at first, but now I love it. It adds so much flavor to the game for such a small feature!

Yeah! Makes making story so much better… I used to grow up in Shades Ville… and then all hell broke loose and I have a meth and alcohol addiction…

How are towns named at all, given the nature of the “tiling” of the map generation?

How did you folks figure the borders without giving exacting and repetitious shapes?


…or did I just touch the answer?

Do we now have uneven configurations like real towns/city borders?

There is center and then border naturally grows, I think.

This is correct.
Cities have a center point that is schosen in mapgen, and they “grow” in all directions to fill space. They stop when they hit obstacles like rivers or swamps.
That center point is recorded in the overmap for later use, and now it’s actually being used. We don’t track where the border ends up, but we do track the radius of the town, so we could use that to limit the labels to only apply near towns, but it looks like we aren’t doing that yet, instead each spot is labelled " to the of ", gor example, “Forest to the North of Townsville”.

So, say if you have a massive explored map… Is there a possibility that town names will be reused?

Yes, and we only have a thousand or so names, so it’s pretty likely over time.

That’s not so strange - town names are actually reused in the real world too. For example, there are Saint Petersburg in Colorado, Florida, Pennsylvania, Russian Federation and even in Mark Twains’s Missouri.

1156 in English version.

Will the map have a Zoom feature? It is so zoomed out atm that I have trouble discerning a lot of buildings. Colors and letters bleed into similar looking letters and colors.

S looks like a lower case G etc. F looks like a P.

Being able to set the map zoom even permanently would be great =)

In SDL builds zoom is possible, in curses builds it’s a matter of setting your font size.

Maybe have system count how many times name has been used in generation and “erase” from the draw pile until options = 0? Then reset, with min distance from previous spawned town

random gen the names for more range?


If you need more suggestions drive through Tennessee sometime. They seem odly obsessed with clarifying that towns are some kind of town

May sound silly u say its possible in SDL is that the tiles builds as thats what I use.
If so having a zoom in map view would be incredible as I have wished for that a lot :slight_smile:

Sorry for my poor wording, I meant possible to implement.

I second the ability to zoom on the map screen, preferably a large amount. Also, is the list of names hardcoded or am I just not finding it? I want to check to see whether my hometown is on there.

Names live here

Sweet, I was looking in the data/json folder