Small Suggestion: Town Signs


just one small suggestion, that shouldn’t be too hard to implement. (Perhaps it already is, you never know.)

Add “town signs” to the major roads on the outskirts of the cities.
The name generation could just use the mechanism for world generation names, I guess.
Just so I can know which town I am currently cleansing of zombies.

What do you think?

Good idea, and quite flavoring one indeed. Some kind of “Knoxville, population 3400, welcomes you” along with roaring horde of Z’s is quite good image, as for me.

I think you should use the search function more often.

I think you should use the search function more often.

I did a quick search, couldn’t find anything. Also I am lurking on this subforum for quite some time now and I never noticed a post about town signs. Even if there was something like that some time ago, reminding everyone (and the devs ofc) of this feature can’t reall hurt, don’t you think?

@Sanarr: Well, displaying the population size strikes me as unusual, at least where I come from that’s not very common.
Also, the game would then probably have to calculate, how big the town actually is, etc. But still a good idea.

Simply looking up the keyword “signs” will yield multiple posts and topics on the discussion of signs. And devs don’t forget that much.

Excessive “reminders” can become Annoying.