Topic: There is no "Contact Us" option in Evac Shelter terminal


I am pretty new in this game and I have my first question. I am trying to get coordinates of Refugee Center, but there is no “Contact Us” option in Evac Shelter terminal. Is it a bug or somehow i am doing it wrong? I can only see 2 options in terminal: “Emergency Message…” and “Quit”

I am playing “Really bad day” [shower victim], so Evac Shelter was not my default spawn [maybe here is the problem?]

World Options that I changed from default:

Size of Cities: 1
Item Spawn Scaling Factor: 0.10
Static NPC: True
Delete World: True

I play stable and never saw that option. It must be an experimental feature.

The initial spawn Evac Shelter won’t have a contact option, but all randomly generated shelters from then on will.

It’s only in the experimental builds right now - should be in the next stable… whenever that is. They seem to still have several big things going at once right now.