The Refugee Center

Is It in a mod? How rare is It?

If you look at the computer in the Evac, you can get a mission to go to the Refugee Center and it will mark it on your map for you. It’s in vanilla and you can go there to talk to some NPCs and get a few quests… but I am not sure if all the quest lines are finished.

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Is It in a mod? How rare is It?

  1. As NuG said.
  2. There’s one per overmap.

I think I recall finding a second one once, but that was long, long ago.

I have never seen a Refugee center before. Also, how can I get this mission to go to the center?

See my reply above. I explained it already.

So if I just look at the computer in the evac I can get the mission. So I don’t need interact with it?

not the computer. Turn on NPC’s

edit: Yes interact with it, not just look at it.

I thought you got the mission from interacting with the computer in the Evac shelter, the “Contact Us” selection. I do always have both NPCs options set to true though.
I guess it would make sense if NPCs were off that you wouldn’t get the mission, since there would be no reason to go to the Evac with nobody there to talk to.

I could be mistaken, I have no actual experience with it. But I don’t think any quests come out of the Evac terminals without mods of some kind and don’t know of any mods that do that either. All quests Im aware of come from npcs

Yeah I just tested it out with no mods(unless you count Dark Days Ahead) and NPCs off, you still get the mission “reach refugee center” and it marks the center on your map from examining the Computer in the Evac shelter and selecting #3 “contact us”. The only thing is, with NPCs off, there aren’t any NPCs there with any missions for you.
With no mods and NPCs on, you get the mission “reach refugee centrer” and there are NPCs there that give you missions once you get there.