Classic Zombies and no Refugee Center

Hey Guys!

So i have been playing around with classic zombies for some time now.

What i realized is that whenever i start at the evac shelter and i load up the computer for the Refugee Center adress, the game freezes for a second (after pressing option 3), and then a message comes that i dont know where the adress could be.

Now i know that certain buildings are disabled with classic zombies.

But i wonder if that also applies to the Refugee Center.

Which would be kinda sad and not logical, it would also remove some interesting gameplay methods with classic zombies and survivors.

Is that the case?

If yes, is there maybe a mod which includes refugee centers for classical zombies?

Thanks for your help!

I have experienced this as well. It was my assumption that this was a ‘random’ effect. I’ve seen (on Youtube) people receive messages instantly getting the refugee camp location, struggle to find it but then have it revealed, and I assumed that you could also fail to find it but that it was still placed nearby for you to stumble across.
It never even occurred to me that it might be turned off with classic zombies.
Of course, my reply is mostly pointless because I don’t have answers for you.

Thanks for your reply anyways.

Yeah if classic zombies is off it seems to find the location almost everytime.

But when classic is on, it brings up always that same message that “you dont know where the adress could be”

If tried it like 5 times so i dont know if its just my luck or actually the location is off with classic zombies on.

If it is i would be interested if some mod is out there that would fix it or a way how to overcome this another way…

Even if you don’t know the address is should appear on your map somewhere. Try following the little red arrow on the map screen when you have the ‘Find Refugee Center’ mission selected.

Usually what not knowing the address means is that there was no valid road link between were you got the mission, an evac shelter, and the nearest refugee center.

No, thats a different message.

With this message there isnt even a mission showing up.

So no Map Marker.

You can easily reproduce it.

Just put on classic zeds, spawn at evac shelter and check your computer.

In my game (with those variables), the Missions menu (M) displays the ‘Reach Refugee Center’ Mission. However, the red arrow on the map screen Walegrin mentioned isn’t anywhere I can find it, even after panning around quite a lot.

Wish there was a zoom out or ‘center on current mission’ button for the map.

So I did receive the quest but I don’t see it on the map. I’m assuming I don’t see it because my character failed to find the address and that it will appear if I discover it through natural exploration.

Nevermind you actually do receive that quest but the difference is, you never receive the coordinates nor of course a road leading there (which is always random)

But you always receive some coordinates. and the should be some Questmarker somewhere on the map.

But it never came for classic zombies which is why im worried into wasting a whole play and not actually having a refugee center on the map at all.

Thats why i was wondering.

Thank you very much btw for checking it out for me :slight_smile: