Inventory feels weird to me

So I’m trying to put a hammer in my leather backpack and I had to empty everything out to do so. When I did I couldn’t put my molotov cocktail back into the bag for some reason even though none of the inventories are full. Weight is good. Total volume isn’t over, INDV Volume isn’t over and length isn’t over. Is it because it’s glass or is there some reason it just won’t tell me? I can’t attach both of my screenshots so I’ll just post the one with the molotov selected.
Update: Can’t put cereal boxes or anything inside of it either.

Available volume of the container includes available volumes of all other (rigid)containers inside it. Maybe your backpack is filled with small containers which aren’t big enough for a hammer? (btw, is it a hammer? log messages are about books)

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I figured it out. My holster for my M9 got into my bag somehow and it made it so I couldn’t put any other handgun sized item into my backpack weirdly enough.