Item length Inconsistencies Thread

This thread is intended to be a place to consolidate missing/bad length values of the more random items we come across along with what their length should be. Having all of this in one place with their proper lengths researched should hopefully make it an easier time for the devs to get it all fixed.

I plan to update this list over time - currently no real sorting

  • Butcher knife: 8-12 in. blade + 6 in. handle
  • Permanent Marker: Description implies it to be extra large, which would be around 6-8 in.
  • Soap Bar: Brand new would probably be ~3 inches, but would go down with use
  • Motorcycle Helmet: ~12 in. for a medium modular helmet
  • Large cardboard box: If it’s large enough to hide in then it should be at least 18-24 in. on a side, with the volume adjusted to match; haven’t done any hard research on it though
  • Meat Cleaver: 6-8 in. blade + 6 in. handle
  • Paring Knife: 2-3 in. blade + 3-4 in. handle
  • Acetylene Torch: TODO
  • (Cast-Iron) Pot: 2L with no large handle is 9-10 in.
  • Cellphone: 3-5 in for a basic compact model
  • Cordless Drill: A compact one in the style of a hotglue gun seems to be 3-5 in.
  • Hammer: 1 Ib hammer with full handle is 12-13 in. - Mini handle is ~6 in.
  • Multi-tool: 3-4 in.
  • Metal Tongs: Seem to regularly come in 9 & 12 in. varients
  • Scissors : Common variety is 8 in.
  • Pliers: 4.5 in for a fiddly junk drawer longnose; 6-7 in. for an average toolbox pair
  • Screwdrivers: All over the place; there are stubby ones and gigantic ones
  • Screwdriver set: See above
  • Smartphone: 5-6 in.
  • (Steel) frying pan: 6-10 in. pot, double for handle
  • Syringe: More than 0 in.
  • Teapot: ~6 in. for a 0.5L
  • Wrench: 6-12 in.
  • X-Acto knife: ~8 in.

Feel free to post your own lists/discuss alternative lengths/point out other weird aspects like item weight/hurl abuse/etc. Try to keep it more in the realm of random non-balance breaking objects though - spears and such which the system was intended to balance should get their own focused thread.

This should be a GitHub issue, not a forum thread. Or you could just to change them and PR it, it’s a ten minute change.

Oh yeah, I forgot this uses JSON so I don’t need to faff about getting the actual code compiled. I’ll see about getting a PR made.

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