A couple of questions

First off, I know that I should search the “tits, tricks, and newb questions” page, but my internet is so bad that it would be easier to travel to the dev’s house and ask them my questions in person, so fewer pages I have to load, the better.

On to my questions:

1: is it possible to clean filthy clothing, or should I play without this mod?

2: have NPCs been made so that they will pick up their own food, water, ammo, or should I use the “disable NPC needs” mod?

I didn’t know we had a “tits & tricks” thread, should grab my pimp cane.

  1. Yes, you need soap and a lot of water. Ideally an unlimited water source to not have to worry about it, but a barrel of it you can refill will also do the trick.

  2. In my experience NPCs will pickup food and water that’s lying around if they get hungry or thirsty. Ammo they don’t really seem to regard in relation to an equipped weapon it seems.

In the future you can just post these kinds of questions in the thread and somebody will respond to you pretty quickly.

OK great, now how do you wash clothes?

So does that mean that they will pick up food and water even if I have them set to not pick things up, or do I have to turn that on? And if I do, do they still go on a shopping spree,filling up their inventory, or have they finally learned some restraint in recent experimentals?

You need a washboard, either found or crafted. Then you need to load that with soap, have water nearby, and activate it.

That’s getting into specifics I honestly don’t know about on NPCs, mainly play lone wolf/ditch them at the refugee center survivors. Don’t think they’ll pickup anything if you tell them not to in the first place. But they’ve seemed more conservative about picking things up with me recently.

It has always been a fantasy of mine to have an army of NPCs at my command that can steamroll anything. I guess for now I’ll have to stick with melee armed troopers for now. Thanks for the answers.