Too believable

Welcome to too believable, guns for you to use too kill. We create weapons that are too realistic. We want to sponsor rave tech and Virgin armaments. I think I spelled them right. Here’s a prototype.

{ "id": "Murgh", "type": "GUN", "symbol": "(", "color": "light_red", "name": "Believability Propeller", "description": "A protoype launcher for believability. Trust me.", "rarity": 200, "price": 8500, "material": "steel", "flags": ["NO_UNLOAD", "BACKBLAST"], "skill": "launcher", "ammo": "66mm", "weight": 13, "volume": 12, "bashing": 6, "cutting": 0, "to_hit": 0, "ranged_damage": 0, "range": 0, "dispersion": 4, "recoil": 5, "durability": 9, "burst": 0, "clip_size": 10, "reload": 150 },



…Da.[/quote]… F**k

I don’t quite get it.

I need a way to close this, I went over to my friend’s house and I guess he got on.

I’ve found that threads I post let me lock them from the Reply button (or any other way I’d normally add a post). I’ll post a demo shortly.