Toilet Paper should be worth more

Why wipe your butt with a leaf when you could use the glorious, astounding, rare commodity that is toilet paper?

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…Because you can use newspaper, kitchen towels or paper money if you used up your toilet paper (or clothing/curtains/rags/sheets/…)?

In a crisis like this, you’ll pay (or get paid) more for life essential things like food, water and medical supplies (and stimulants) than anything else (since economy is balanced around needs/demand and “luxury” supplies are now available in abundance, the price for it will drop).

when the world changes more with time including loot spawns or NPCs looting in the background, ect, I’m sure it will be starting a year or so in, for now it would be absurdly common.

Value over time for items is certainly a feature that will eventually appear with these mechanics no doubt.

Given time, I’m sure someone will create a poop mod. A with it the comfort of ones “cleaning” materials, be it luxury toilet paper or leaves.

Could one make toilet paper in the end of the world?

It’s just a particular kind of paper, pretty sure you could make it. The question is whether it’d be worth the effort.

The eventual plan for things like this is to have a market for things like this in each community that bids up and down prices based on rarity.

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You, as the player, can make their own mutagen, bionics, vehicles, weaponry, armor, and more.
I’m fairly certain that making toilet paper wouldn’t be that difficult overall.

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Well, since it’s possible to turn toilet paper into booze, I’d say it’s worth the effort :grin: .

Indeed, but that also would/does have an impact on the price even more…
It reminds me of that “ad”…:


Toilet paper is worth more if you make it into booze.

@Valase beat me to the punch. Nice.