Trade Items

More of just a line of thought for future expansion.
Some items should be primarily considered trade goods as they aren’t going to have as high practical value as they may have trade value.
Established groups would have small amount of “disposable income”. So they may actually have a desire for things they can’t make that would make good trade items. It’s happening in the Dark Tide Rising I mentioned else forum. High end Liquor has some practical use but probably would make a great trade item. Chocolate and junk food wouldn’t be the easiest thing to come by if you are locked up in a compound. Such goods would almost have to have two values IMHO. A practical value and a trade value. Such items might be traded for a lot more at locations that have enough security to worry about wants as opposed to needs.

Yea, once items get assigned reasonable post-cataclysm values, things like booze and cigarettes will maintain a high value.

If I ever survive the apocolypse and zombies run rampant I think I might go around collecting high value metals and burying them for treasures.

And you gotta make a time-capsule.

Im trying to imgaine a post apoclyptic society, and I imagine wed have to go through the whole process of city-states to empires to culturally bound nations again.

We’d have some thing like The holy Roman empire, lot of mini states that are all technically part of the nation.

Food and fuel are some of the things that would be a good trade items.