Weary Transition keep getting increase and decrease repetitively while resting

I have this problem on the new version, I spend like about 2 days in order to recovering my weariness fully,

However, there’s something wrong about the weary transition, because it keep getting repetitively increase and decrease over and over,

I tried spend about half day in order to recovering fully my weariness at the fresh level, and weary transition just simply won’t going any further, it stuck like ||| between ||/ and |||/ over and over and some time it’s decrease even more, like || or something,

I have no idea what’s going on, I spend whole day waiting it fill up, and it just can’t do so, my activity are stay at the none level, and the weird thing is, this situation only happening when my weariness is at the Fresh level, anything else work normally.

You don’t need to make both a forum thread and a GitHub issue about everything. If you want to report a bug or make a game suggestion, it’s fine to be alone on GitHub, and if you want to just talk to people about something, it’s better suited for the forums and not GitHub.

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Ok, I got it, Sorry about that.


it is a new system so it is kind of buggy, but honestly it doesn’t affect much
do keep in mind that every action besides sitting still or picking things up comes with an exhertion
what you might think of “resting” may actually be increasing your fatigue, like crafting