Tired, Complaining survivors

~Hey guys i am new to the forums.

I just have a quick question and usually i spend more time than needed to look around for answers but, Does it mean anything at all when your npc followers constantly complain about needing a rest? Normally i would just ignore them, However their Dialog tends to increase in tension (Aka cussing about it). are their any actions i should take to keep them happy?

~Just for fun~
How many survivors have you saved from the cataclysm? Finding their safe haven with you or your base!

Normally,you could allow them to sleep by telling them thy can sleep when tired and they would shit up and sleep but there seems to be a bug that makes them keep complaining. You can now make them not complain unless its an emergency. But if you change no settings then they will eventually just fall asleep.

They won’t get hostile, but keeping them awake will eventually kill them, I think.

I think they fixed the bug about them continuing to complain.

I can’t replicate the bug about them not sleeping.
I don’t see anything changed in relevant sections either. The only relevant thing changed since then was friendly fire avoidance. The bug may still be around. If it is, try turning on debug mode to see what the NPC will “say”.

Try telling your NPC they can rest when they’re tired, under Misc Options in the talk menu, if I remember correctly.

Thanks guys. i also find it annoying that is only a chance to have someone stay put (Mostly when damaged i try to tell them to stay at base so they wont get killed).

On a different note, I’m doing quest 78? What is that?