Been away a while, how's the status on NPCs?

Last I know, it was not recommended turning them on, since they were buggy as hell.
Has anything changed in that aspect in say, the past year and a half?

LOADS of NPC related bugs were fixed.

That doesn’t mean they’re perfect, though.

They still act completely irrationally. I keep them off just because their behavior makes no sense.

maybe they lack of inteligence and rational acting but they are good if you are canibal and want free food alslo sometimes they carry nice gear like pneumatic rifle

EDIT: carry good gun when you sleep or read and even craft just in case of hostille npc

Sort of related, but someone proposed an alternate way of getting missions without having to deal with buggy NPCs that seems pretty cool:

Anyone know what effects how many items an NPC will carry? Volume, weight, number of items, or any combination of the three? greedy NPCs are currently just about the only reason I generally kill them on sight but default. If I could just debug a bunch of items for an NPC to pick up until he can’t carry any more then I’ll probably try playing with some NPC companions.

No clue here, although I think that they do have STR statistics. You could weigh them down with your heavy stuff.

The best thing about NPCs IMO is their new failsafe measure against bugs.

Lol you mean where their heads explode if they get stuck in a loop?