NPCs don't sleep, even with No_NPC_Needs off

Exactly what the title says: My character’s in a Refugee Center start, and the NPCs never sleep. Except, since I have No_NPC_Needs off, they do still get tired, so what happens is that I get informed of their increasing levels of exhaustion (NPC yawns, NPC looks tired, etc.) until they collapse to the ground from sleep deprivation…

Is this a known problem?

Game version?
Windows/Mac/Linux or Android?
Mods in your world?

Which ones? Your followers or neutral NPCs? If they are your followers, did you set the option to allow them to sleep when tired?

Sorry, should have clarified a bit. Game version is latest experimental, system is Windows, mods are Blazemod and Magiclysm. Neutral NPCs (the Free Merchants) since I’m yet to pick up any followers. Does that help?

In that case, I think that behavior is considered “normal”.
If I remember right (and assuming that this hasn’t changed), non follower NPCs default to “stay awake as long as possible”.

Ah. That seems a little… ridiculous, but understood. Thank you for the answer.

Even without no npc needs, needs are only supposed to apply to your companions, so there’s a bug somewhere.

It makes sense that food needs are disabled (as NPCs would probably die off pretty quickly), but it seems reasonable as well that weariness affects NPCs globally.
That also allows you to sneak into a bandit camp once they fall asleep…