Questions about NPCs and Bases

I’ve got a couple of questions, as the topic states, about NPCs and Bases:

First off, how does the “Wait at Base” command actually work? I understand that it tells the NPC to wait near the sign that I’ve designated as a base, but does that NPC just stand there and do nothing? Will they defend if something comes near? Will they go to sleep or eat or whatever? I had an NPC following me that kept complaining about needing sleep and I told her to rest when we were inside my base and she went off to find a bed, but will NPCs set to Guard or Wait do the same on their own?

Secondly, I had an NPC following me around who would attack creatures that got near or were attacking me but then after reloading the game, she just follows me around without fighting. If something attacks her, she defends herself but she won’t defend me. I made sure and checked her combat settings and even tested out the different settings (attack at will, attack those too close, etc.) and she still just stood there. She is the same NPC I mentioned about that was very fatigued so might that have something to do with it? She’s currently still sleeping so I haven’t tested it myself (though I will).

Currently NPCs who are far away from you aren’t actually processed.

NPCs don’t eat yet, the sleep is mostly so that they can regenerate wounds.

Thank you for the reply Coolthulhu. I should have thought about that as I’ve seen some things about the reality bubble in my reading on the forums. What if I were to just sit there letting time pass? Would NPCs who are set to Wait at Base help to defend or do they just stand idle? And any ideas on the second topic of an NPC that’s following but decides to stop fighting on my behalf? I’m wondering if it may be something bugged or just normal behavior.

They should defend from monsters, but not from other NPCs. NPCs currently ignore each other.

Ok, thanks! :slight_smile:

They may ah… help themselves to some things when you bring them in too.

Yeah, I made sure to set up some hands-off zones lol. :wink:

I had my starting NPC die on me after we left the school and bunked down in a evac shelter.

He just flat out died, no explanations.

Could be an infection.
If in experimental, you could check the wounds.

To paraphrase Doc Holliday from Tombstone, perhaps the strain was just more than he could bear.

Any way to cure an infected NPC (in experimental)?
Would be kind of weird (from a gameplay mechanic perspective) for NPCs to be susceptible to infection if there is no method to cure it.

Edit: Looked like they auto-cure after a while.