Tips, Tricks and Newb Questions: Reborn!

Pine boughs are actually really nice too, you get them as easy as pinecones and they can be used to craft pine needle tea which can be used in place of broth to make soups. And contrary to broth, PNT is 1)considered healthy drink and 2)nonperishable.

I thought they disabled carrion spawning? I always burn my refuse so I admit I haven’t been in a position to check. Also wouldn’t the giant roaches drop mutant meat?

Oh did they? I haven’t had a survivor who farmed bug for meat in a ages, so I very well could be wrong and I just never noticed the change. If so, it certainly won’t be the first or last time I’m wrong I’m sure.

Carrion Spawning was removed months ago in experimental.

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Thx for the replies, going to try the pinecones, (my last run i ended due to eating a lot of mutant meat, and got to -100 health value).

In this run i noticed that inded wheat is plentiful on farms, but it loses its calories when you turn it into flour , is it worth it to make it flour?, at the moment i eat them raw 3 per day to stay at a healthy 1k calories in average

What do you mean it loses its calories when you turn it into flour? The calories of the wheat should convert basically exactly. If it looks like it’s losing calories it’s only because one unit of wheat becomes more than one unit of flour. So the calories get spread between more servings.

after that post i made some testing, and yeah i forgot the x-y amount was a minimal and a maximum, so it can get to the corresponding value from the base material.

And second, after the test a made a batch of flour from wheat (15 flour portions) and the result was a 34 calories per portion of flour giving a total of 510 calories per wheat :O,

510 per wheat sounds about right.

  1. How do I deal with the summer heat?
  • I put together what I thought was a set of cool (as in warmth) clothes but even as much as a total of +5 warmth on a body part is on many days enough to push it above the 30 mark.
  1. Is there any way to learn the duct tape recipe without books?
  • Being unable to craft such a basic yet vital item has frustrated me in plenty of runs, even with 9 fabrication on my current character I’m locked out of a majority of known recipes for this simple reason.
  1. Metal butchering rack sometimes doesn’t work, bug or a mechanic I’ve overlooked?
  • Last I recall was a giant web spider, I activated the table and put it on the ground but no matter if I placed the spider on top of it or beside it I was unable to complete a full butchery. At other times it has worked fine.

I think the heat penalties are way to severe. I had a character wearing hard plastic arm and leg guards, plus a baseball helmet (typical stuff you’d see a baseball player wearing when at bat) when it was around 75F, and she was slowed by about 20% because of being too warm. That’s nuts. being a little warm doesn’t slow a person down significantly, and wearing relatively light sports gear on a barely warm day doesn’t qualify as being overheated. Maybe if one is dehydrated, but that has a separate penalty.

Even if you assume that the arm and leg armor is more akin to the “tools of ignorance” (catcher’s gear), it wouldn’t slow someone down that much. And catchers are slow, not because of heat, but because of the encumbrance (plus because they squat behind the plate all day, which tends to make them slow even without the tools).

Duct tape requires a book for the recipe. Duct tape is also much more common now since it’s been added to generic house kitchen loot in quantities of 200-400. loot a residential neighborhood and you should have plenty.

Full butchering also requires a saw when used on large animals. the log usually tells you what you are missing when you attempt to butcher.

There are good news and there are bad news:
Bad news – you do need a book to learn duct tape recipe after you’ve already started the game.
Good news – quite a few books contain that recipe, and if you start the game with fabrication skill of at least (3) you know the recipe from the start.

It’s insane, when you get to ~24c or ~75f your base warmth gets to around 25, meaning even wearing a t-shirt and some shorts (both 5 warmth) pushes you to 30 and penalizes you. Not only that, pretty much every single decently sized bag has 5+ warmth, you’re limited to something like messenger bags.

Depends on where you start out though.

Have both a woodsaw and a hacksaw with me, log doesn’t acknowledge the butcher table (or any other table actually) and just gives me the generic line as if missing everything. Save/world has jumped through a few experimental builds but only ~3 and all of them no older than 20 versions back, maybe this is the issue but I read that new release version should have no issue with old saves.

Oh well that is something I didn’t know, fabrication is so easy to level up so usually I haven’t put many points in it.

Yeah, recipes is one of the reasons why having skill points in otherwise easy to train crafting skills at the beginning of the game is actually a pretty good idea.
Also, while we are at it, take a good long look at the starting profession “science club member”. The book you start with is absolutely amazing. Arguably the best book in the game.

Someone else lost companions after update to 10482?

Based on the game I understand that americans spontaneously combust if exposed to temperatures over 10 degrees C.


Can anyone think of a simple way to completely disable vehicle spawn from the game?
To clarify: I want to disable pre-spawned vehicles, but I still want to keep recipes for vehicle parts and an ability to create new vehicles available.

You may want to look at this mod. It doesn’t completely disables vehicle spawn but author says it will be way harder to find one with the mod active.

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Already using this mod. However, it doesn’t really work for me any longer: it’s just too easy to repair those wrecks once you know how to handle them.

can migos open doors? i know they can break into windows tho