Tips, Tricks and Newb Questions: Reborn!

i think they dont, the only ones able to open doors without breaking are scientist zombies and npc AFAIK

Mi-Go cannot open doors…which is particularly hilarious given that their home encampment towers, which are built and heated like their home, are full of doors they cannot open/close.

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“goddamn engineers, why did you have to make yet another door type for this universe invasion? what, good old abjfdfgjopregnmtrbrtb design was too mundane for you to make? ‘oh no, who even uses abjfdfgjopregnmtrbrtb nowadays? it’s so outdated. I’d better make something new. It’d be so cool because I’m so smart unlike those jarheads’. Well, you better hope I won’t find you when I’m back home, bastard.” -typical rantings of rank and file mi-go invader.


So, I definitely remember there was an option to set map search radius ("/" in map) but I can’t find it in current build. Maybe it’s in some config file instead of in-game options screen? If so, could someone please tell me in which one?

Pretty sure that option got redacted not long after it was added.

Do jackets (such as the ‘ski jacket’) with collars confer their environment protection bonuses to your mouth if nothing else covers it or is it solely warmth?

Also odd question seeing as I’ve played for hundreds of hours by now but what exactly does hand and feet protection do? Your eyes also have no HP counter but if damaged you may go temporary blind as a status effect, are there similar negative status effects to receiving damage to hands and feet or does it merely inflict pain?

I think items that will give bonuses to uncovered parts have an entry like ‘this item has pockets to warm your hands’ and such in their descriptions, I can’t recall any that specifically refer to the mouth, though. I think hand/feet protection protects your arms and legs, since any damage to hands/feet goes to the arms and legs. This includes warmth for hands and feet and stuff like acid immunity for the feet. If you’re wearing the right boots, you can stand in acid without taking damage, after all. Afaik there are no special status effects related to hands and feet, aside from the obvious and well documented encumbrance issues.

Some jackets do if they have the ‘collar’ tag. “This piece of clothing has a wide collar that can keep your mouth warm if it is unencumbered”.

So my question is then, if the jacket has 3 environmental protection, does that also apply to my mouth if the collar is in use?

That’s what I was thinking too, though their warmth doesn’t get shared and I don’t think I’ve ever seen an arm or leg hit get blocked by hand or feet armor (though have not paid special attention to that, will from now on).

I would assume, yes, but I have no experience or evidence to back this up. And the only time I can positively recall boots absorbing damage is when stepping into fire or acid with boots with inadequate protection. Fire and acid will eat the shoes off your feet. I know I’ve received damage to gloves because they’re broken or severely damaged after a fight, but I don’t recall seeing a specific message about it.

does someone know from which mod does the tool tokens come from? (hammer token, crowbar token, etc) i thought it would be from the arcana mod or magiclysm, but i can seem to find them in there

Most likely something to do with Magiclysm, considering I found a handful of 'em in a magic academy.

… yep. /mods/Magiclysm/enchanted/enchanted_tokens.json

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Is there some setting I can change so that the game doesn’t spend ages simulating nearby monster movements/actions when sleeping/crafting/reading in their vicinity?
Currently I’ve bunkered up in a town houses’ basement and doing these things take ages IRL (I have a decent PC).

Another thing that has been bugging me, can I increase the amount of areas the game remembers me having explored so that they don’t go completely black again after I’ve explored other places?

AFAIK the only way to do that is to install Enhanced Memory Banks CBM, that’ll make a huuuuge difference.

As to speeding up long processes, well, no. Anything that happens in reality bubble has to be processed. Regular turns take only a second so we don’t see all that calculations, but when you do something that takes hours in-game, well…
Although, you can try turning z-levels off which will limit processing to current z-level. Shouldn’t be much to process in basement(s). But I don’t know if it can be changed on the fly or it is a world option.

Oh I didn’t realize that it was an intended game mechanic, thought it was to save on memory usage.

It might only be on world creation, unless you mean experimental z-levels, but turning that off didn’t help.

I haven’t tried it lately, but I used to switch it off and on in-game like a year ago, and would get a noticeable speed boost in places with multiple z-levels.

Yes, you can turn it on/off mid-game, just close/reload the game after each change. Performance gains can be possible but are somewhat sporadic.

I have also had some strange ‘issues’ when doing so in/near a lab though. ‘issues’= all the fire/poison/smoke effects teleported above ground as well as all the security bots. also the enemies got relocated in the lab…meaning enemies that were locked in cells/containment rooms were moved and roaming.

so…be cautious if you do decide to flip that switch.

Actually the major cause of my slowdown appears to be nearby items.

I finally set myself up in an LMOE shelter in the middle of nowhere, here crafting and reading still takes ages but sleeping does not. So I took my book and read it in bed which is out of range from my items and suddenly time progresses as fast as it should, rather than ~7 seconds for every 5 minutes.

When I realized items might be the cause I looked around and found similar reports from as far back as two years but none seem to have solved their issue.

I like hoarding, and besides how am I supposed to craft if I’m not in range of my items? Look up the recipe, grab the items and move to another room? That’s beyond tedious. At least sleeping and reading can be easily worked around.

AFAIK, and if i understood correctly, lag can be caused by the game when it has to calculate a lot of things, like:

  • items that have a counter, basically food/consumables, since it has to calculate the time to rot
  • entities movement, so being near a lot of mobs can cause it
  • having explored a lot of the overmap, this can be known when you save it always has a counter saying “saving x/y”, sometimes it can get pretty big when you have a car. although this gets cleaned when you reload/open close the game
  • having the z-levels on it just having all this combined

Maybe thats why when you got to the LMOE shelter it helped

i think it hasnt been solved since its not an error/bug per se. but that just my guess. i like hoarding but i always try to keep this points in check, like not having that many perishable food, clearing all the mobs, etc

Getting to the shelter actually didn’t improve much, it was me separating my sleeping area from my crafting area and realizing the impact it had. Like I said just for a test I read at my crafting area in the LMOE shelter, 5 in-game minutes took ~7 seconds. Then when I read in bed, I didn’t count but 1 in-game hour probably took less than 7 seconds.

Maybe the mobs were compounding the issue but they were certainly not the main cause.

Also in the LMOE shelter, all items are of course still within my reality bubble even when I’m in the bedroom but there I’m not slowed down. Rather it seems like the 6 (?) tile crafting range is what actually causes the lag, was especially noticeable when hauling items inside and for every step closer to the middle where all storage spaces can be reached, the hauling process slowed down more and more.

  • I don’t notice a significant slow down from being in range of just my fridge, but as I get closer and in simultaneous range of more and more item stashes it gets progressively worse.
  • Very peaceful area, no mobs.
  • It’s instantaneous slow down when near my loot after fresh restart, moving away to another room fixes it.
  • z-level option doesn’t improve speed for me.

In the end I’d say it’s just the quantity of items (probably getting close to 2,5 ton with a mix of both light and heavy stuff) that causes the slowdown in my case.

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i updated the game recently and got this debug message

before edit

Screenshot from 2020-04-10 16-35-26
Does anyone knows what to do?, it doesnt let me play, neither my saved game nor make a new character

Nevermind, i managed to find the problem, it is the secronom mod, so either you unistall it, or erase the anesthesia from the map gen in its json