Tips, Tricks and Newb Questions: Reborn!


So because the mod i cant craft it? Sux xD…any other way to get it??


Haven’t looked into it much yet, myself, since I’m still enjoying building my own, but the fix I mentioned didn’t seem that complicated. Or you could just check and see if the item exists at all via debug console.

Here’s the thread I was talking about. Apparently it’s as simple as deleting a single .json file.


THANK YOU…finally i can hax turret:D


Clouds live extra long indoors, so a chem sprayer+fungicide should work well if you don’t want to use fire to clear out that lab.

Bring some extra filled 2L tanks of fungicide, though, and swap them. Refilling a tank takes ridiculous amounts of time last time I tried it.

Outdoors, it takes me about two tanks worth of fungicide to cover a map tile, maybe two and a half. Indoors should require less.


Don’t listen to him, he’s an infested sockpuppet for the fungus. Burn the marloss along with the rest. The lab will be fine.

I’m partial to gasoline and a flamethrower, or 40mm incendiary deployed by vehicle, but honestly you really just need matches or a lighter, the fungus is pretty flammable. Light 4 adjacent tiles and it will turn into a huge firestorm in no time.

Also, if you are going to be hacking robots, you might want to use this mod, by @Shard , it lets you turn robots off so you can store them. I’ve got about 80 Wraitheon bots I hacked (very carefully, while using the artificial night CBM or cowering inside my vehicle) sitting in a closet.


bro,i came to bandit outpost and get some war but there is somethinh wrong…the bandit didnt attack me at all…he just standinh there while i cut him with katana…anyone know how to fix this?


One of the devs did a fix for a complicated game engine internal issue that had a side effect of making it impossible for NPCs to target the player. We’re working on fixing it but it’s very complicated internally and I don’t understand it myself.


Owh…okay…I will wait for the new apk then:)


Oh man I just found a bandit camp earlier too. Must…Resist…Temptation…To Abuse Bug.


Guys…im already exploring lot of place on my recent overmap…my question is, did world always generate new terrain if i already explore one? And what happen if i leave my base very far? Thank you


As you expand to the edge of the map, new map terrain is generated. But the old terrain is saved - you can always go back.


I thought Kevin mentioned a certain measure of distance traversed will make the player forget much older map areas?

Maybe I didn’t understand him. The land remains and the map is forgotten?


Map memory and the map save are different things. Map memory are the tiles that your character remembers seeing. The map save is the total map. Tiles move in and out of map memory all the time. Nothing gets deleted from the map save.


Interesting…Thanks mate =D

Maybe I’m just dense…that means the “M” tiles can be “forgetten”, in the sense the player character can forget what the map looks like. But the game area remains and is the same as was left?


Overmap tiles never go into map memory, just local map tiles.

You can always scroll through the full overmap, accessible through ‘M’.
You can only scroll the local map tiles, accessible through ‘x’, that you still remember.


Hmm…maybe my confusion can be useful for something then.

So when I bring up the over head map “M”. This has dark “unknown” areas. When the player toon explores. These tiles are now revealed on the overhead M map.

So what I am suggesting is this. When the player toon moves an exceptionally long distance. The intelligence of the player can determine how much of the overhead map is retained. So if I play a really dumb toon. The overhead map go dark again after a long distance of travel away from that portion of the M map.

The area is still there. All items buildings etc all remain. The M overhead just goes back to being dark because my toon is dumb lol


It wont cause lag right?


No idea. But having something go dark shouldn’t. I was confused about this and I think if it isn’t already a thing. Then lang made me think it would kinda make sense. Nothing ground breaking for an idea I suppose. But it would seem logical that people could forget overhead map areas. To a degree anyway.


Hello…its me again xD.btw i heard that you can bring deactivated hacked robot on a vehicle and release it via control on the vehicle…how to do that? It sound fun lol


Vehicle livestock stalls can carry any Creature up to large size; robots are Creatures. Find or craft a livestock stall, install in on your vehicle, position yourself next to the stall while adjacent to a robot, examine the stall, select the capture option, and then aim at the robot. Your robot will become part of your vehicle. Examine the stall again and select the release option to release it.