Tips, Tricks and Newb Questions: Reborn!


Woah thank you…btw i found the robort carrier is it same? And is that possible to control the stalls and the stalls door with remote control? I want to send unmanned vehicle with lots of robot and release it into horde in city xD


Yeah, the robot carrier is just another variant of the livestock stall.

Stalls cannot be remote controlled at this time and I don’t intend to add remote controls for them, though someone else is welcome to give it a try.


Has the bone pickaxe been removed from the game? I don’t see a way to craft it, and it’s not on the item browser site.


You need to have DangerNoodle’s mining mod installed.


I thought I did have it installed… Hmmm. Well, that explains why it’s not in the item browser. Maybe I just don’t have the skills to make one yet. Thanks!


Bro…why my character keep getting damage and pain on all his body…the pain is on minimal state but the damage is annoying. I try use blood analysis and i dont have any disease…anyone know what happen?


How much stuff are you wearing/carrying? If you are severely encumbered and straining yourself you will get pain and some damage.


In this game we don’t have magic pockets. Thankfully. You have to manage your inventory according to what the toon can carry and hold.

Also you could have had some other pain from sound which could make you go def . An explosion you were close enough to, is a possible pain source.


A backpacker with a Static NPC that has Military Rucksack on his back that always follows me in the wilderness save. I can dump all the material that i want to keep in him, plus he has such good gear. :smiley:

P.S : You can use the NPC as a mobile inventory that can atk enemy too.


Its because encumbrance? My encumbrance is just on yellow state…and im not deaf


In game if you carry over your allotted weight amount. You garner pain and begin taking damage. This is much like real life when you strain and over exert yourself. Your muscles and ligaments, tendons etc are stressed and become damaged. This can take weeks or months to heal. But not in game. This could possibly be what your character is experiencing. We speculate as we don’t know. Lower your weight and see if this helps.


Owh…i carried 60 volume of stuff before and btw where can i minifreezer? Or something that can freeze meat and other food


Any vehicle with minifreezer.
Ice cream trucks have several, normal mobile homes have one, I think.
Those still need power to operate, obviously.
Or you can find an ice lab. :cold_face:


RVs have the minifridge not a freezer. I think only ice cream trucks have the freezer, and they are pretty rare. I’ve only ever found one.


`ello fellow zombiebaits, been away for a while and, if at all possible, could use with a brief list o things needed to know that are different from a year back.
Things seem to freeze now, which is nice and !FUN!.
Oh, and seasons seem to be longer.


Start here:

follow the previous change log links.
That will get you through July.


Is it possible to change json files in the way that map of an existing world will look like a desert? I am aware of ‘desert_test’ option but it does not change already existing worlds. I do not know how to remove forests, swamps, rivers etc from the map


I don’t think that’s possible, and even if it is, it would probably be a nightmare to do anyway. What if you enabled desert_test on your world and then debugged yourself far far away from any map tiles you discovered? This might cause the desert to start generating.


Enabling desert_test doesn’t work. ‘regional_map_settings’ JSON is able to change the temperature, humidity and pressure of already existing world so maybe it is possible to change the existing world into a desert but I don’t know how. This json is quite complex


So my current character seems to have had its view range crippled for some reason. This happens even with 0 head/eye encumbarance, I don’t seem to have any trait/condition right now that would drop it to FOUR tiles in all directions. In broad daylight. With no encumberance.

I’ve just cured myself on an infection and had my arms both broken twice already, but they are close to recovering. No pain either. I can’t really play since I have a small horde chilling out outside my evac shelter and going against it with four tile sight range is borderline suicidal.

EDIT: I figured it out, and it should’ve been obvious in hindsight. I was changing out my starting otaku gear for some nice kevlar vest and military gear, and I dropped my glasses. I feel so stupid now.