Tips, Tricks and Newb Questions: Reborn!


You can damage items if your wheels or treads run over it.


What? So this explain why my solar panels disappeared last week…


Lol you too? I did the same thing a while back, that’s how I discovered it. There is even a text log that shows when it happens (from the west you hear a crunching sound).


I thought some random NPC stole them because a few books disappeared as well.


Haha, so the answer is yes, I have tried that, and left a bunch of broken glass that once contained valuable mutagens in my driveway as a result. As you now know.


Oooh, I’ll have to try out the Y and O keys when I get home from the office. Thanks a lot @nameless_survivor and @Erk ! I’ll look at that CDDA University video when I get home too… this will be good. And move my car.

Don’t kill me for saying this but I can 100% justify to myself savescumming a couple thousand batteries into my inventory purely to remove/reinstall my stuff and sort it, assuming Y and O don’t do the trick.


Thanks!!btw my character start scratching his head do yo know what happen??


Have you been fighting dermatiks?


Oh sh*t…yeah i fight it with machete…i guess something bad on my char?


You’re infested. Give it some time; you’ll get to experience the miracle of childbirth.


Human or insect?? :joy: btw how to cure it?


You know there’s a wiki, right? It’s outdated, but some of the tips are still relevant.
Just enjoy becoming a mother, mang.


Take antiparasitic drugs


How do I remove stumps?


I just found my first lab and one section of it was infected by fungaloids. If I use fire to burn them, will the whole lab collapse?

Also, are hospitals guaranteed to spawn autodoc? Was quite upset when I didnt find one because the other one is miles away :frowning:


You need a tool with woodsawing like a woodsaw. "A"ctivate it and there will be a option “Chop trunk into logs”


I dont think it will collapse but im not really sure…about autodoc, sometimes you will find one inside the lab with extra bionic


I’ve burned out a couple infestations in labs before; haven’t had a collapse yet. Grab the Marloss first.


My electronic just reached lvl 10 and i cant find control laptop crafting. im already have jurnal-hererra and robot for fun and profit books. Did i miss something? Im playing latest experimental build on android…thank you:)


If you have Makeshift Robots installed or whatever that mod is called, it blacklists Robots for Fun and Profit entirely. There’s a fix for that somewhere on here that somebody chopped together not too long ago.
Oh, nvm. No clue what’s up if you actually have the book.