Tips, Tricks and Newb Questions: Reborn!

What cures infection if there’s no wound to apply antiseptic to, like in the ‘Really Bad Day’ start?

You need to find some antibiotics. There are three kinds of antibiotics. Atreyupan is the weakest but can be commonly found in houses. Regular old antibiotics are better. Lastly, destragon is the most effective antibiotic but it tanks your health stat and is not that common.

Also, none of the antibiotics cure your infection right away, they only increase your chance of recovery but don’t guarantee it. Having a good Health stat also improves the chance of overcoming an infection.

If I’m banged up already, would you suggest using Destragon as a last resort? I just found some and haven’t found any other options, but I could also just see if the infection progresses further first?

I would use it right away. Infections are time bombs and the earlier you start treating them the better.

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For some reason my character refuses to drop more than two items of the same type (for example long strings) from the inventory at a time.
Moreover, if I go into advanced inventory management and use M to move all items at once, only two from the stack are actually moved at a time.
Any ideas what’s going on with that?
Playing latest experimental 10093

is a bug, there are some other thread of it too

i think there is an issue amde already but idk

When playing on experimental, does bandaging and cleaning my wounds make them heal faster?

yeah, but i think cleaning is just to prevent infections

Edit to avoid double posting; how can i find mushrooms?, i tried foraging and havent found any, and as far as i remember, i havent found any on my playthroughs, are they a separate plant?

Mushrooms are seasonal, as far as I remember.
So you can only find them in summer and autumn I think


Do animals respawn as seasons go on? Or will I need to continue traveling further and further from home to find meat, fat, and bone?

Iirc you can find them rarely in spring but I might be misremembering. Otherwise I believe Tamior is correct. You can only forage them in summer and fall.

Animals do reproduce have you ever noticed the little chicks running around for a example?

I believe you need a breeding pair for those that are not egg layers.

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I mean more for wild animals than personal breeding, but thank you! Good to know; I’m a Carnivore and it’s only Spring still, so I’m worried about eating everything up before I can properly preserve it.

Is there any indicator of what is good to dissect? I thought it was only zombies, but there’s been a few times at this point where a normal animal implies I should have dissected it, as I destroyed some ‘strange organ’ on it.

idk about normal animals, but only zombies worth dissecting are bio-operators, scientists., technicians and (unless they’ve been nerfed already) all shocker variants. Other zeds have a chance to produce zombie pheromone on dissect but in my experience it’s too small to justify time wasted on dissection.

Is USB hack-PRO blacklisted in experimental? I’ve cleaned out 2 small towns, one mid-sized one, two science labs, research facility and two standard labs and have yet to see one…

HackPro is still in vanilla experimental it’s just fairly hard to find. Look in trash containers or at the Regional Dump (this place is the most likely). They do not appear as loot in any of the lab versions btw.

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Thanks, been watching your videos lately and discovered the cardboard box cheez. Doesn’t work on updated turrets though, mf-ers return fire :smiley:

Works fine. Just gotta use a high enough caliber gun to kill the turret in one shot. Pretty much any shotgun or .223 or higher round will do it. Not as sure with 9mm. Precise aim from 5 spaces rarely misses even with low/no skill.

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Yeah, it will work if you can get it one shot. I had assumed I was safe from fire so I plinked it once with the 5x50 penetrator and it nearly took my head off :smiley: