Build 10093 Mass drop issue

Upgraded from 10076 and noticed when mass dropping items it only drops 2 at a time (added option or bug?).

All items that stack higher than 2 seem to do this Chittin, Batteries, Cash cards. It also only moves 2 of them when using the advanced inventory management and pressing M on the item that has more than 2.

Edit- Upgraded through the launcher.

Updated to 10105 through the launcher, still does the same, i am wondering if anyone else has this problem and if i should delete the entire folder and download manually, items such as aspirin (ones that have their own containers) are not affected yet stacks more than 2 of every other item (steel plates, chitin, batteries, cash cards) items that show an amount number through the advanced item manager are affected.

Yeah happening to me too, version 10105, it is annoying…

Yep, same here. Gets pretty tricky trying to move around large batches of items my poor dude is too wimpy to lift. ;-;

The entire stack of some items are moving in one go, i.e. credit cards and food items (if I remember), but others aren’t, i.e. batteries are only moving two at a time

Most things are only going two at a time, very much looking forward to a fix

same here, but from what i noticed items that had charges (the things in the parentheses like ductape, paper,bones) works properly, or at least the common items i have moved that way

Just noticed another issue that may be related to this - when I try to put a single piece of tinder on the stove to start the fire, it drops the whole stack.

I’ll be sure to pay attention to that so I don’t burn up all my tinder.

Dropping a lot of items causes me to crash

Is this stuff fixed in the newest builds?

No. When i multi drop items from my bag my game freeze on me. First 4 item or So are fine but after 6 next my game freeze.

Found another weird issue (still with 10105), i picked up 2 damaged cash cards, one was at I\ other at I. and my other cash cards where not damaged, they all stacked together meaning it said i had X amount of cash cards totaling in 3k $, when i deposit the cash using an atm the damaged ones took their own slots in my inventory but when i tried to drop them i crashed, after i ran the game again i dropped them again and the item dupped, they remained in my inventory but i was dropping them on the floor.

It says that build 10120 fix the multidrop issue, are you crashing even then? if so ill wait a bit more before updating.

I last played like 10h ago and now i can’t check if it Will crash.