Tip of the Day: suggestions

“A soldering iron can be an aspiring mechanics’ best friend.”

“Turrets shoot at intruders not authorized personnel.”

What are you referring too?

If you use a id card the turrets deactivate but if you blow open the door they shoot you

It is hard to hurt a zombie soldier or skeleton with a piercing weapon. Try a club instead.

Toolbox, crowbar, lockpick, first-aid kit, butchering knife, jack, rubber hose and scalpel will enable you to do almost everything.

Dissect shockers, technicians and scientists to get CBMs. You’ll want a scalpel but a stake knife will do the trick.

“Zombie scientists are still known for their intelligence, and carry many surprises with them.”

“Smoked meat will take at least a year to expire”

“Anything too strong to fight can be trapped in a burning building”

“a simple rag can mean the difference between bleeding to death and survival”

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“Sometimes breaking line of sight is your best defence.”


my favorite remains woutershep’s “Turrets occasionally have nightmares about encroaching bookcases.”

“Vehicles can’t go down stairs but you can fold them up and take them with you.”

“Shopping carts are a looter’s best friend.”

“Roleplay your characters don’t just use the same style over and over.”

“NPCs are idiots.”

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I like those, but these are meant to not break immersion, so the NPC line and the Roleplaying ones might not fit.

“A toolbox already has the majority of tools you need inside.”

“It’s much easier to break a bone than cut it.”

“Never forget: a survivor saved is a friend earned. Most of the time…”

“If you can see what others can’t, then don’t let them see YOU.”

“Drugs were illegal and dangerous in the past. Now they are only one of those things.”

“Killing a thing that still looks like a child is still pretty freaky.”

“Long pig tastes like pork… if you can keep it down.”

“Surround yourself with friends. No friends? Things work too.”

“Never forget. Seriously, don’t get too rusty.”

“Getting mugged too often? Look scary, and it won’t be a problem.”

“There’s nothing wrong with punching a zombie. Just don’t get bit.”

“zombies can only bite you if they manage to grab you first”

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Fair but, I firmly believe adding a line to the effect of “don’t play the same character over and over” would be a good idea as I suffered from falling into that trap my self.

Maybe: There are multiple ways to survive. Try different styles.

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How about:

“A broken record sounds terrible. Don’t be one.”

or if that is too subtle/harsh:

“Doing the same thing over and over and expecting change is the definition of insanity.”

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“There are many ways to survive the apocalypse, and you can learn something from each one.”

I don’t think that’s true anymore unless you lower the season length from default. It only lasts 42 days and default season length is 91 days. Doesn’t even last a full season.

Just say “Smoked meat will last a long time.”

“Run from active explosives… even if you think your far enough away.”

“Avoid using launchers in narrow hallways, you might miss.”

“Noise attracts so silence your weapons.”

“Vehicle regulations aren’t a thing anymore. Go CrAzY!”

“Double wall your vehicles to make sure zombies stay out.”

How about: “Press <”> to run!"

Seriously, I think I played the game for over a year before I realized I could outrun zombies. :joy:

I would expand that to “There are many actions you can take. The keybindings menu serves as a good reference.”

“Have a back up in case something breaks”

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“Expect the unexpected, even if it’s the Spanish Inquisition.”


i like that one. could also be turned into a joke in my mind

“Never under estimate the ‘Power’ of vinegar…And citrus fruit”