Tilesets for the map, and different Note types

I like the look of the ASCII graphics, but I eventually switched to using a tileset because the rectangular tiles made it harder to work out what buildings were supposed to look like and how far apart things actually were. The map has the same problem for me; it would be easier to decide at a glance which trips I want to take and how long they would be if I didn’t have to do any mental stretching or compressing.

Secondly, it would be nice if I could leave different colors of blinking N’s on my map to denote different kinds of interest. Blue notes for bases and camps, green notes for crafting materials, red notes for dangerous areas, that sort of thing. It would help me make sense of the mess I make of my map by the second or third season.

You can change the color and text of your notes. The Note interface even specifies how to do so.

I always leave 'N’otes on my 'm’ap. It’s a built in feature.
When you press N on the overworld map, you can write down notes on the tile you’ve selected. In the text field you can write notes or declare blinking beacons of different colours. When you press N, the instructions how to do that are written right there.
x: will leave a default yellow blinking x on the selected overmap tile
x:g; will leave a light green blinking x.
!:R; tank drone will leave a bright red ! symbol that has the text ‘tank drone’ appear when hovering over the ‘!’ tile
pressing E on a map tile will fade the tile, I use it to denote locations I’ve been to (e.g. $ banks after looting the safes or whatnot),

This is also very useful when escaping the lab when you want to denote the staircase that leads up out of the compound.
Most useful for denoting your base where you keep your parked vehicle.

I have worked, off and on, on a new font that replaces ^ with little pictures of houses, and Fs with little trees, but I didn’t know if anyone would want it.

It would be useful for me. Does it come automatically with your tile set? Does it work on all tile sets labelled ChestHole?

No, I haven’t released it or anything. And didn’t get much past making houses and trees.

Oh. It sounds really useful and nice, though. Happy making of this font!

A better font for the area map would be great. Actual tile-set support for the overmap would be even better, but I’d be happy with a font with trees and houses and such.