Map Note Syntax

I’m having some trouble figuring out how exactly to order my text when I’m trying to mess with the symbols that show up and what colors that show up as.

For instance, having an H for where Home is currently located, or a red E for a house or building that I’ve deemed looted enough to be designated Empty. Currently I can only put a yellow N (default) for structures when I’ve looted them, but there are other notes I sometimes want to leave over houses, like if they have a gun basement, and thus it becomes a problem to have to look through every N to see what notes I’ve left. The whole point was to be able to tell from a glance.

If anyone has had any success with changing map note icons, I’d greatly appreciate a walkthrough of how to do so. I’m at a bit of a loss with the syntax here and I’m not sure where to look for this sort of information.

Just do it like this
select the map tile then write X:Y;(your note comes here, it can start with a uppercase letter if you want to)
The (X) is the symbol you want to write and the (Y) is the colour. The colours are associated with the first letter of their names such as if you want a green note then simply put (symbol):G;(note) , you can see I used uppercase “G” To make it green, if you wish for a lighter colour then type it in lowercase, for example: with the uppercase “G” you get the colour of the forest map tiles and with a lowercase “g” you get the colour of the house map tyles.

Hope this helps :3

In addition to the above, you can press ‘E’ over a tile on the map and it will grey it out to automatically mark it as explored.

Now that’s some useful info!


Okay yeah, thanks a bunch. I’ve been trying all kinds of combinations but I didn’t know how exactly it wanted me to put in anything. It always came out as the note itself which is like lol no.

What are the avaliable colors? Guessing that only those that are on the map. But what are they? Green, blue, brown, red… any more?