Map Management Improvements

For starters, is there a reason why the map does not use tiles? It wouldn’t hurt to at least have the option of a square tileset with the ASCII to neaten it up a little.

More important to me, however, would be the ability to put down more than just a yellow N for notes. How about a bright red X on a dark red field when you need something to designate wasp houses, or intersections sprinkled with landmines? Maybe a bright green O on a dark green field to mark safe houses, or a military truck that only needs a little gas to get rolling again? Perhaps a black C on a dark gray field to indicate that a particular building has been cleared of all items?

I love that cellars have become a lot more frequent, but it’s really making my map get very cluttered with all the “stairs down” notes if I don’t delete them, and it’s silly that for a game built around foresight and planning, our map management is marred by the limitation of only throwing down an ugly yellow N for any and all notes.

You can use other letters by writing this:

L:sweet loot (which would appear in map as a L, and is handy for throwing around a legend)

but are forced to use yellow, I guess that having the ability to choose color would be nice. Disabling the automatic notes has also been mentioned once or twice, and yeah Ill love an option for that.

I think someone was making tiles for the map in Tileset Project thread that we made some time ago. It would be cool to get some way to add them.

Colors – especially a green and a red (for good and bad) – would still be great, but the “L:” tip is incredibly helpful! Thank you!

Disabling auto notes and colors would indeed be very welcome! made issue. Disabling auto notes seems easy enough.

A better way to add comments to the map would be very helpful. For example.

Tabs to display different comments you want on the screen and they have different elements. how about you set it up so you can have up to 10 or different options and you can name them.
So for example: I might use

Monsters here: (then comments on what is there for danger areas)
House looted. I mark this on my map, but they are always present and it gets annoying. Maybe we can have the colors go lighter on houses that I mark as looted?

You can always remove them.

And to do so, target the relevant note, hit N to bring up the edit window, and delete everything. (You can also modify the note from here, by typing in whatever you want to be there.)

And note-color merged last night. Thanks, Werty! :slight_smile:

A way to customize auto notes, so they say what you want to say and mark what you want to mark? That’d be really cool.

And to do so, target the relevant note, hit N to bring up the edit window, and delete everything.[/quote]

It’s even easier than that: just press shift-d while the cursor is over the map note.